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      Welcome to our media pages, where we have Sermons and Prophetic Words, E-Books, Prayers that change situations, and even a few videos for you to view!  
12/31/2018 - New Years Prophecies for 2019:
       For those of you who aren't familiar with our church, every year on New Years Eve, we come together for fellowship, worship, and prohecy over the new year (2019).   The words that are given, are by church members and the Pastors.   They are recorded and kept under our "Sermons & Prophecies" section (you can see the link above).  
       If you would like to hear those prophecies, just click the link above!
2/15/2017 - Modern Day Recipe for Holy Anointing Oil: Sample Books:

       Here is the proportions of the biblical essential oils found in the book of Exodus down-sized for our use today.

50 drops Myrrh

25 drops Cinnamon

25 drops Calamus

50 drops Cassia

65 drops Extra Virgin Olive Oil

        This holy anointing oil was used to sanctify the tabernacle, the ark of the testimony, the table and all vessels, the candlestick and vessels, the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offering and vessels, the laver and foot. It was also used to anoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them as priests.  All future priest, kings and prophets would be anointed with this same oil.

     To be used safely on the skin, the above mix will need to be diluted further with a carrier oil in a 1:4 ratio.  This could be mineral oil or additional extra virgin olive oil.

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01/15/2017 -  ANGELS SINGING IN OUR WORSHIP SERVICE! Another Sample Book: 
  And it's on record!

     During our Sunday service, an angel decided to come and join us in the worship service.  You can hear the voice at around 45 seconds start to fade in as one of our worshipers starts to fade out (it sings "Hallelujah").  Eventually, you hear the voice start to sing with our Pastor Terry and then fade out again.

     What is interesting, is that it was as loud and audible as any person who was singing that day and was heard by EVERYONE, including the children that were present.  

     Many times, angels have joined us, and we hear different types of voices like men singing or women.   Or even older people singing!  The exciting part is, we actually got this voice on recording (for the first time) and here it is for you to listen too!

Check out Bobby Grapenthin's latest book.  Click here for a sample.

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